Weber's Grilling Secret

Weber's Grilling Secret

Learning The Rules Of The Lid

You’ve got the whole day ahead of you, a wide selection of freshly cut meat and a craving for some barbecue food. Friends and family will prepare the salads and pour the drinks, now all you have to do is provide a juicy, flavour- packed main dish. It might sound like a lot of work, but the truth is that you could potentially have the easiest job of the day – as long as you follow one simple rule: keep the lid down.

Whether you cook with gas, charcoal or electricity, keeping the lid closed is the cornerstone of barbecuing the Weber Way and the key to getting that tender, succulent meat that just falls off the bone. Whether you're barbecuing at low, medium or high temperatures, applying direct or indirect cooking methods, keeping the lid down is the key to success.

It helps to steady the temperature inside the barbecue: as heat rises up from the bottom to the top of the barbecue the lid reflects it back down, circulating it around the food. This evenly cooks your food, helps it retain moisture for longer and locks in flavour. Genius, right?

Weber's Grilling Secret

Finding The Perfect Blend For Smoked Food

Keeping the lid on also contains the smoke, which gives ribs, chops and brisket an extra powerful BBQ aroma. Weber’s Pork Smoking Blend is specifically made for those big and bold pork cuts, and combines hardwoods with fruitwoods to create a rich, smoky, BBQ taste. Perfect for when you need your dish to be the star of the show.

Before closing the lid and leaving it for a few hours while you tuck into those appetisers, remember to arrange your meat properly on the barbecue. Each cut needs enough space around it to be cooked and smoked from all sides. This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to cook fewer cuts of meat at once. You simply need to prepare well in advance with a few racks. Using cooking racks, such as the Weber Premium Barbecue Rack, your meat will cook evenly, and it will also allow you to cook more meat at a time without overcrowding the barbecue. This way, everyone gets to eat together, rather than in shifts.

So, you’ve marinated your pork, established a low, even temperature inside the barbecue, and you’ve properly arranged your cuts. Then it’s time to shut that lid and enjoy yourself. Put your feet up, and relish the prospect of finally opening the lid and dishing out your perfectly juicy, show-stopping ribs to the whole family.