Step Up Your Grill Game: A Guide To Surf And Turf

Surf and turf is the go-to dish when you really want to impress. First popularized in the 1960s on the US west coast, the ambitious and decadent combination dish of red meat and seafood has become a swanky grill favourite and a true test for the barbecue enthusiast.

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What Is Surf And Turf?

The classic surf and turf combination is lobster tail and filet mignon, but steak and prawns, shrimp, or scallops will do just as well. Next to testing your skills, surf and turf serves up a sizzling smorgasbord that satisfies a variety of tastes around the table. Barbecuing surf and turf can be a challenge, but with a few simple tips in mind, you’ll achieve mouth-watering perfection.

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The Devil In The Details

Ideally, surf and turf comes off the grill all at once, searing hot and grilled to perfection. Grilling a thick, juicy cut of beef alongside delicate seafood is a challenge and requires careful time management. Be sure to time both your steaks and the seafood to hit your desired levels of doneness at the same time. A two-zone fire works wonders to help you hit the sweet spot, keeping components warm but not overdone.

Mix And Match Your Surf And Turf Menu

Surf and turf is a recipe you can make your own. Just pick your red meat and seafood varieties and serve up a personal favourite sure to impress.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

A key challenge in surf and turf is to get the individual flavours to gel. Introducing a flavour component like seaweed butter to bridge the gap between steak and seafood will ensure your dish doesn’t only taste great in its components, but all together as well.

For an extra zing, fresh coriander and ginger can also work as a unifying element, bringing together the hearty flavours and seafood aromas.

Why not mix it up and serve surf and turf on a stick? Whip up some surf and turf skewers and choose filet mignon, rib eye, or porterhouse to make sure the steak is tender without marinating it. The greatest thing about surf and turf: The possibilities are endless.

Surf and Turf Sides and Sauces

Sides that complement the heartiness and tang of the components in terms of flavour and texture are usually a safe bet. Try experimenting with grilled asparagus or smoked mashed potatoes. Sticking with the diverse palate surf and turf offers, winter vegetable combinations also work nicely.

A great surf and turf sauce should work as a bridging element: Lemon, garlic, and bernaise flavours harmonise with both steak and seafood, turning your selection into a dish bursting with flavour.